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Rudaki building

The most common buildings that are built in the city are residential buildings that have different designs depending on the area, design and budget. But in general, the characteristic of a good residential building is an ideal building that has suitable dimensions for layout, has the necessary fit with the priorities and lifestyles, and conveys the necessary confidence in terms of safety and security to its residents.

Parcham Building

During 10 years of activity, "Tadbir Poyan Asr" Technical and Engineering Company has had a favorable record in the field of construction, including the "Flag" building located in Tohid Square, Flag Street, No. 84. This building has been constructed on a 450 square meter land with the best use of space and by experienced and skilled designers and executors.

Zarafshan Street sidewalk construction

"Pedestrian construction in the northern part of Tehran Region 2" was the title of a contract to be signed in October 2016 between Tadbir Poyan Asr Technical and Engineering Company and Tehran Region 2 Municipality.

Shahin Park

One of the most important projects of "Tadbir Pouyan Asr" Technical and Engineering Company in the field of parking is the project of repairing and renovating parks in Tehran Region 2. And has been reviewing the disabled and the blind. Because currently one of the most important factors to be considered when building new parks and renovating existing parks is to pay attention to disabled and disabled citizens who need them to take a share of such urban spaces and the need for adaptation for this group of citizens. It also feels more than ever.

Bustan Bustan Landscaping Project

The contract for "pavement operations in the northern part of Tehran Region 2" was a contract that was signed in October 2016 between our technical and engineering company "Tadbir Pouyan Asr" and the Municipality of "Region 2 of Tehran".

Sidewalk Construction of Shahrdari Boulevard

In September 1397, a contract was signed between the technical and engineering company "Tadbir Pouyan Asr" and the municipality of Tehran Region 2 with the subject of the contract "Pavement operations in the northern part of Tehran Region 2".

Sidewalk construction of Alborz street

Tadbir Pouyan Asr Technical and Engineering Company, due to its high history in the field of sidewalk construction, as well as the reconstruction and maintenance of such urban spaces; It is possible to perform such activities with the highest quality and at the right time with the best experienced personnel.


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