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Zarafshan Street sidewalk construction

  • 12/22/2021 5:43:43 PM
  • Update: 12/22/2021 5:45:35 PM
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"Pedestrian construction in the northern part of Tehran Region 2" was the title of a contract to be signed in October 2016 between Tadbir Poyan Asr Technical and Engineering Company and Tehran Region 2 Municipality.

Project Name: Zarafshan Street sidewalk construction

Location: West Town of Zarafshan Boulevard

Date of implementation: Summer 98

Subject: Repair and reconstruction of sidewalks in District 7 of Tehran Municipality, District 2

Client: Tehran Region 2 Municipality

Design and supervision: Technical and Civil Deputy of Tehran Region 2 Municipality

"Pedestrian construction in the northern part of Tehran Region 2" was the title of a contract to be signed in October 2016 between Tadbir Poyan Asr Technical and Engineering Company and Tehran Region 2 Municipality.

In this contract, the purpose of the construction operation was to construct and reconstruct the sidewalks in order to solve the problem of pedestrian traffic. In addition to the reconstruction, the adaptation of the passages for the disabled and the blind should also be considered.

Accordingly, construction and reconstruction of sidewalks in the streets of the northern regions of Region 2, ie regions one, 7, 8 and 9, including Ishargaran streets of District 9, Fatehan of District 9, Zarafshan of District 7 and Municipality Boulevards of District 1, Sadaf District 1, Taherkhani Sahra Street of District 8 , The sidewalk around Kaj Square, District 1, and the sidewalk of Sanat Square, District 7, etc., were considered and put on the agenda. Also, the park passages in the northern areas of Region 2 were repaired by the technical and engineering company "Tadbir Pouyan Asr".

One of the noble and expensive streets of Tehran is "Zarafshan" street in Gharb town. However, it did not have a good sidewalk and needed to be repaired, rebuilt and replaced with pavement, pavement infrastructure and pavement.

For this reason, the construction of this sidewalk was given priority, and since this boulevard is the residence of some of the country's leaders and capitalists; In terms of security, it has a high sensitivity and accuracy, and therefore for the construction and repair of sidewalks in this area was done entirely in accordance with the principles and rules of sidewalks issued by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. Also, safety points, including the HSE and the traffic plan issued by the Greater Tehran Traffic Police, were carefully implemented during the reconstruction and repair of the sidewalk.

According to what was mentioned, the operation of demolition and reconstruction of the sidewalk of "Zarafshan" street was carried out with a certain order and speed. In such a way that the rubbish from the destruction was loaded at the same time and taken out of the project site and the materials required by the project were transported to the project site on the same day of execution and the depot was done.

Since "Zarafshan" street has several sub-streets, sidewalk adaptation operations were carried out on each sub-section for the passage of the disabled, and the sidewalk paving was carried out according to the rules of the blind with coin paving, groove paving and a large strip so that the ordinary and the blind can Have easy and safe transportation in this area.

It is worth mentioning that the calculation and design of longitudinal and transverse slopes and location of gardens and green spaces before the start of demolition operations was designed by "Tadbir Pouyan Asr" Technical and Engineering Company and approved by the monitoring device and technical manager of District 7 of Tehran Region 2 Municipality. Due to the required planning and design, the mentioned operation lasted for 2 months. The project, which has more than 800 meters of sidewalk, was demolished and renovated. .

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