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Road construction (infrastructure and pavement of the carriageway)

The construction of a standard carriageway is an important matter and its maintenance, repair and reconstruction is another matter. Because a carriageway, no matter how high quality and suitable; It wears out and depreciates over time, and it is better for the city officials and managers to take measures to rebuild it and maintain its quality, in addition to the ease of passing and passing, in terms of urban beautification.


Construction (design and execution)

Design and implementation of office and commercial residential buildings in the form of participation contracts in construction and management contract is one of the services provided by the company.


Collection and management of surface water

"Tadbir Poyan Asr" Technical Engineering Company is sometimes able to design and execute construction and reconstruction operations or repair or repair of surface water collection and management networks with experienced and professional design and implementation teams with years of experience in this field. Providing services is as follows.


Sidewalk construction (sidewalk infrastructure and pavement)

Sidewalks along the street and highway are among the main pillars in principled and standard urban planning. Because as much as necessary, the passage of the car should be adapted; It is equally important that the pedestrian crossing has quality and standard.

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